Helena Blomljus, 1965
A creative designer framing stunning environments, wants to touch people and convey feelings of joy and comfort.
She often uses recycled material for her paintings and sculptures and loves to surprise
her viewers with inspiring objects with a purpose – such as her well known wishing
Helena has developed and installed complete concepts for homes for elderly, as well as
embellished hospitals and hospices. 
Designed Spectacular Golden Elephant Galadriel for
The Perfect World Foundation 2016 sold to royal designer Ole Lynggaard. 
Helena fulfilled successful exhibitions in New York, St Barth and Sweden.


I would like to present my  film showing one of my exhibitions. I am describing, in the film, how I am creating my art, and what my intention with my art  is. (The film has English subtitles.)

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The easiest way to contact me is to send me an e-mail: helena@blomljus.com