I’m a Swedish artist, born in Alingsås, 1965. I have had exhibitions in Sweden since 1998. I’m an international designer who loves to create and transform environments that gives you a wow-feeling. With my colors and shapes, I have a passion for creating art from recycled materials. I want to create a total experience where you get a feeling of well-being and peace.

My career as an artist started by creating whole rooms and halls. I decorated them and made them into beautiful installations. I have created these exhibitions in parks as well as indoor.

During the last few years I have focused on creating paintings, and I am using my very own unique techniques.

In june 2015 I created the elephant Galadriel – the queen of light. It is gold colored with Indian influences to symbolize that it is worth their weight in gold and also pays homage to the endangered Asians elephants.


I would like to present my  film showing one of my exhibitions. I am describing, in the film, how I am creating my art, and what my intention with my art  is. (The film has English subtitles.)

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The easiest way to contact me is to send me an e-mail: helena@blomljus.com